Learn & Dine with a Michelin Star Chef at Kensington Street (SYD) - JUNE 11th

Learn & Dine with a Michelin Star Chef at Kensington Street (SYD) - JUNE 11th

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Date: 11th June, 2019

Location: Kensington Street, Chippendale

Time: 4pm

This is a FUNtimes@ experience you don't want to miss! If there’s one dish that’s quintessentially Roman and universally adored, it’s Carbonara. When a country like Italy, with arguably the best food in the world, crowns someone the King of Carbonara, you know it’s serious business!

A simple internet search will confirm as much, Roman chef Luciano Monosilio’s Carbonara is hailed a masterpiece. The aforementioned King is also one of the youngest Italian chefs to be honoured with a Michelin Star at 27, just 9 months after opening his first restaurant in Rome, Pipero al Rex.

If you’re still not convinced, Luciano refined his talent in the kitchen of some of the most renowned Italian chefs: Fulvio Pierangelini (Gambero Ross – 2 Michelin Stars), Mauro Uliassi(Uliassi – 2 Michelin Stars) and Enrico Crippa (Piazza Duomo – 3 Michelin Stars), no.15 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Eastside executive chef, Arnolfo Raimondi, has brought chef Luciano over to collaborate on this special degustation menu for 2 nights only and this 3rd night has been added just for FUNLOCKA! Plus we get a 45 minutes Carbonaro masterclass with the Michelin starred Chef and King of Carbonaro Luciano Monosilio!

You’ll also get to take home a sample of Martelli pasta so you can show your friends and families your new skills! In between the class and dinner, you can relax at the Eastside and enjoy a delicious cocktail.

This five course degustation is paired with selections from renowned pioneer winery Capel Vale, Western Australia. Our exclusive evening goes like this: class starts at 4:00pm, drinks at 4.45pm and this scrumptious 5 course dinner with paired wines begins at 6.30pm. Oh what a night!

*please note there is a dine only price also if you are unable to attend the masterclass.

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