During times of change, isolation and uncertainty it is important as leaders that we bring the team together as much as possible! 


Virtual team building is a fantastic and easy way to boost team productivity, communication, trust and cohesion. Over the last week FUNLOCKA has put our FUNtimes crew to the task to source 5 concepts that aim to bring your team together virtually in a FUN and unique way. 



So you have been working remotely for a few weeks now and crazy hat Fridays is starting to lose it's excitement. 


Why not have a 'personality' pop in to your next Zoom call and have them tell a story to surprise your team! 


We have access to TV, sport, chefs, fitness and musical talent that can brighten up your teams day with a 10 minute story!  

Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Scavenger hunt challenges aren’t just for co-located teams. Online teams can participate in them too!  


We'll provide your crew with a list of tasks & challenges to complete such as getting someone in their house or a neighbour (within the acceptable social distance of course!) to do a yoga pose with them, taking a photo of their reflection in something other than a mirror or window, finding items around their home, or we can even create things for them to do that relate directly to your company.  


Team members can then divide the tasks amongst themselves and stay connected while on the hunt through instant messaging and apps like WhatsApp. 


Each task must be accompanied by a photo of the team member completing it, which will be submitted to our FUNcierge, who acts as the ultimate judge and jury!


We can also turn the whole thing into a video album to surprise the crew with at your next team get-together or use for the Christmas party video!


This activity can run for 60 minutes, 15 minutes per day for a week/month or however you would like to customise it and a leader board will be sent out to all participants daily.

Virtually Fit


You may have seen the incredible videos on social media from Seville, Spain where people in quarantine won't allow it to be an excuse for not working out so group classes are being ‘hosted’ in amongst apartment buildings with people joining in from their balconies!  We can organize something similar for your remote team to participate in through a live webinar. 


Whether it’s yoga, mindfulness & meditation or exercise opportunities such as boxing classes with 2 x World Champ Billy The Kid Dib or fitness training with Commando Steve, we can make it happen!  


Keep your crew healthy in mind and body while they’re home and give them a gym pass they’ll never forget!

Paint, Sip & Sing

Bring some artsy FUN to your employee’s home office!  Each paint & sip experience will be interactive & immersive. Before each session, we will confirm a musical theme that fits in best with your team or project. Then during the art experience, we will provide a music playlist to jam to and traceable outlines to suit. 


For example, if you choose to explore a Queen-themed session, you and your crew will be listening to the Best Of Album and painting the outline of Freddie Mercury in his famous pose! FUNtimes. 


Each person can be provided with their own paper or canvas, palettes and brushes if required!


Give your team the opportunity to create a piece of art for their new home working space that will be lasting memory of this ‘special’ time.

Online Olympics

Why not combine the concept of exercise workouts and scavenger hunt challenges with this FUN competition!


Remote workers will form teams and participate in a series of online/virtual games including activities like typing-speed races, folding origami, crafting slogans, building spreadsheet pixel-art, getting hydrated the fastest, doing burpees and more. 


At the end of this challenge, our FUNcierge will tally all the points and assign ‘medals’ to the winners….and ‘medals’ for the non-winners too because everyone on your team is awesome!

Fri-YAY Tastings

Won’t your team members be excited when they open the mail to find a personalised box of wine, beer, gin or scotch (or all of the above!) with an invite to join you on a video conference at a designated time and date….after work hours of course or as a Friday afternoon surprise!


FUNLOCKA has partnered with 'Drinks with Dave' to provide the ultimate tasting experience


With Dave’s Experience Box delivered directly to your door, enjoy a tasting of Australia’s most premium beverage offerings partnered with fine food and produce, from the comfort of your own home. 


You will be virtually educated by master brewers, experienced winemakers and product experts, and have access to your very own tasting note cheat sheet. Join us after the masterclass for interactive discussions, community engagement and general banter.


So #stayathome and have #drinkswithdave.

Your Own Private Concert

You and your crew will get to experience a virtual private performance with Jess + Matt, X Factor grand finalists.


Join a live webinar with Jess and Matt where you will enjoy some cracking tunes, interact with them, sing along, send requests and win some prizes.


 What a way to bring the team together and have some FUN. 

Remote Lip-Sync Battle

Stay connected, even while you’re apart, with our Remote Lip Sync Battle where you choose your own song, film your scenes and we edit it together for you.


Work together, build your culture, stay connected.


Culture development and connectedness has never been so important.


With teams and individuals working from home and remotely, companies need to work hard at keeping teams strong, connected and happy and this fun activity is just the way to do it!  Build memories of this time that will live on forever....

Did Someone Say YOGA & WINE?

Wind down with live virtual Yoga & Wine. 


Combine wellness and wine with a live virtual yoga session from an experienced yoga teacher before winding down with a tutored tasting of curated fine wines from a Handpicked Wines sommelier. 


Expect a focus on meditation and asana as you ground your day before opening a bottle of wine to relax into your weekend.


Simply select your tasting session, get your yoga mat and wine glasses at ready and enjoy as we take you on a journey exploring the grape, varietal and region.


3 bottles of wine will be sent to your crew ahead of time so you can partake in the session AND enjoy the rest afterwards too!

Ready for a virtual experience?

Whilst your team may be working remotely there is still plenty of opportunities to have some FUN and stay connected. 


For more information, or to organise one of our experiences for you and your team, get in touch.


Fill in the form and one of our FUN Crew will get back to you shortly.


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