5 key tips to change behaviours


It’s a buzz in business right now….. Focusing on workplace culture and getting your employees aligned with your values has the biggest impact on retention, profitability and building a collaborative environment. 

But it is not as easy as you think! 

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Luke Cook
FUNtimes 5: Five experiences worth tapping into for June

Welcome to FUNtimes 5, our monthly roundup of FUNLOCKA experiences that are perfectly suited for your clients, your team and more importantly you!

Ever wondered what is hiding inside the FUNLOCKA App? Our paying members have access to some of the most amazing, unforgettable, unique, WOW, grammable (need I go on?!) experiences we can get our thirsty hands on. Here’s a sneak peek of our top 5 experiences for June.

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3 things to help you with workplace culture

What are the questions you should be asking yourself around improving your workplace culture?

1) Is it personal

2) Is it meaningful

3) Is it FUN.

By running these 3 things as your checklist when it comes to workplace culture, you will go a long way in improving your employee engagement metrics.

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Luke Cook