3 things to help you with workplace culture

What are the questions you should be asking yourself around improving your workplace culture?

1) Is it personal

2) Is it meaningful

3) Is it FUN.

By running these 3 things as your checklist when it comes to workplace culture, you will go a long way in improving your employee engagement metrics.

Is it Personal?

If your employee approach is driven by a ‘one size fits all’ initiative, then you are likely to be hurting when it comes to employee engagement.

Do you put yoga on in the lunchroom?

Have you recently bought a ping pong table?

Do you buy everyone a ham at Christmas?

Do you do Gift Cards as a reward?

Everything I have stated above are lovely initiatives, but they are not personal! To make it personal you need to put more effort into understanding what your people are motivated by in life.

Is it meaningful?

Once you understand what your employees are interested in, you can then impact them in more meaningful ways. Help your people reach their goals and their pursuits outside of work- doing this not only shows that you care, but also increases your chances of retaining your most valuable employees.

Start behaving in a 24/7 mindset and not just 9 to 5.

Is it FUN?

With so much of our time spent at work, FUN should be a mandatory thought process in how we engage our employees.

When you’re having fun, what’s the fundamental thing you feel??? HAPPY!

One of my favourite quotes is from Sir Richard Branson; “Don’t think about FUN as a reward, think about it as a responsibility”.

Now I know that there is ‘work to be done’ and ‘time is money’, but the working world is changing and work is now a lifestyle choice for many of us….. We want to work for businesses that value us as humans and make our days at work meaningful, rewarding and FUN.

So, what’s holding you back?

After hundreds of meetings with CEOs, HR Directors and other senior leaders over the last 12 months, I’ve found that there are really 6 factors holding your business back.

  1. Time

  2. Understanding (data)

  3. Execution (ideas)

  4. Support (team)

  5. Money

  6. Motivation (care factor)

Yes, they are factors- but they are also excuses… In fact, those same 6 factors will impact your business more if you don’t do anything!

They say that replacing an employee can cost your business up to 9 months of that person's salary in costs associated with recruiting someone new, training and missed productivity.

If any of the above resonates with you and you are ready to make key changes to your approach, than our team at FUNLOCKA (funtimes@funlocka.com) would love to help with points 1-5.

Point 6, however, is over to you!


Luke Cook