70% of people don’t feel like they get the most out of life.

We live in a hectic and- at times- scary world. We are crippled by debt, have rising costs and in some cases, we are unsure of what lies ahead in our career. It is no wonder when I posed the question to the FUNLOCKA audience that we received the response that 70% of people don’t feel like they are getting the most out of life.

So, what is making people feel this way? Our audience identified two key factors:

1)     TIME

Its funny that in a world where tech is supposed to simplify our lives and save us time that we feel that we don’t have enough of it! We work longer, we commute longer, we have growing responsibilities and in those between moments we use those time distractors (Facebook etc) to fill the void.

It is the sole reason why work/life integration is the most talked about topic in business. It is also why there is a massive shift in people leaving jobs that have no meaning and pursuing their own hobbies and interests.

What is your business doing to meet this challenge?

How can you motivate in a way that makes your employees time feel valued??

2)     MONEY

The general Australian population is struggling in their back pocket. Once you pay for the mortgage, food, kids, bills, transport etc there isn’t much left.

So, what does this mean? It means that the first thing that you are forced to stop doing are the things in life that make you happy. Those little luxuries in life that you spend on you! That could be tickets to a concert, following your favourite footy team or going to that restaurant you have heard of and would really love to try.


How can your business help here in realising and delivering an engagement solution that will turn your employees into FANS and turning you into a boss that impacts happiness? Here are our 3 tips:


Companies are notorious of delivering solutions to employees that ‘tick a box’ when it comes to engagement. Things like ‘let’s put yoga on in the lunchroom!’ Well, this is great for the people that like yoga, but what about those people who aren’t interested in it?

Spend some time finding out the motivations of each person and tailor a plan that impacts the individual. Employees are your most valuable asset. They are not numbers- they are people who you need to get your business humming, so personalise your engagement.

At FUNLOCKA we are firm believers that business need to stop thinking 9am to 5pm, one size fits all solutions and start delivering personalised 24/7 impact to each employee.


You and your management team have a responsibility to be compassionate to the needs and desires of your team. Understand what your team want to achieve in career & life and do your best to get them there. Yearly or bi-annual appraisals have lost their purpose- they get lost and at times rushed. Do they really empower the employee to want to achieve?

A new study shows that 61% of employees feel the traditional performance review are outdated. Some feel it's too generic (22%), too infrequent (6%) and frequently incomplete (62%), according to TheGrowth Divide Study, conducted by Wakefield Research for Reflektive

Focus on always on tangible outcomes and reward achievement frequently, making the employee feel that they are recognised and part of the success of the business.

3)     HAVE FUN

Having FUN is the fundamental shift that leads to happiness and putting smiles on people’s faces. Sure, we need to make sure that people are getting the job done, but it doesn’t need to be a cooped-up environment where people are walking on egg shells and scared to smile. No matter if you’re a high-end law firm, government organisation or a start-up, make sure you have a little FUN in the work environment to create some positive water cooler chat.

Set up an internal team and explore how you will inject FUNtimes into the lives of your people. It really isn’t that difficult, it is just a commitment to do better!

I founded the FUNLOCKA business when I realised that success doesn’t equal happiness. I am now on a mission to support businesses like yours and help you motivate your employees in more meaningful & FUN ways. You are not in this journey alone, just reach out and let us help you impact the lives of each employee in real-time with our focused approach and tech solution. It is where passion meets productivity.

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Luke Cook

Founder & Chief FUN officer

Luke Cook