Boredroom meetings..... INSPIRE your team in 2019

Why do we stay within the confines of the 4 walls of the office to do our team meetings? Yes it’s work, but let’s get a little more creative around the environment in which we hold our meetings!

I was a Sales Director for many years before venturing into FUNLOCKA, and my memories of leading a Tuesday morning Sales meeting where week in and week out we delivered the same story of performance to budget, current business challenges, new sales tactics, team highlight etc makes me cringe now.

Why? Because what I was doing wasn’t inspiring! it was repetitious, boring and lacked creativity.

As a leader it was my job to excite, engage and connect with them in a way that would inspire them to think differently and to want to achieve their goals.  As a leader I wasn’t doing this, and it is something that I now regret.

Have a look at the faces of those that come into your next team / sales meeting! What’s the vibe like? Are many of them smiling? Are they responsive or distracted? More importantly….. are you feeling inspired??

If you are in need to inspire your team, the easiest thing you can do is get them out of the boredroom (see what I did there?) and get them into a space that will inspire them. You can’t create without stimulation, and the first step in the right direction is setting the right tone in the right environment for the challenge ahead.

Since being on the journey of building FUNLOCKA and fuelling it with experiences, we have uncovered a whole range of different venues where you could hold your next brainstorm, sales meeting, company update and even client presentation.

Here are just a few of our suppliers who are on FUNLOCKA and are offering their venues to support your meeting needs. If any of these are of interest then reach out to our FUNcierge team at and we can share these exclusive offers with you!

Make it FUN

FUNLOCKA has partnered with FUNLAB venues including Archie Brothers & Holey Moley. You can hold your meeting in a playful and FUN environment. Get your teams creative juices flowing with a 30 minute game package before taking out a private area to challenge ways to improve your results.

The fundamental aspect of FUN is Happiness…. This will increase the positive energy in a room before tackling what you need to do business wise

Make it a sensory experience

Nothing helps creativity then finding a venue with an amazing sensory experience. Why not tap into our partners at Anyboat where you can hire a luxury boat and hold your meeting with the backdrop of the harbour.

Make it impactful

Partnering with our friends at Hoyts and Gfinity, you could hold your next company presentation in Australia’s best and newest E-Sports venue. In this state-of-the-art facility, the stage is already set with everything you need. It also has broadcast potential into other markets and there is the opportunity to have your team play against each other on the big screen.

Make it out of this world

Heighten your senses with our friends at Virtual Reality and escape the world that we live in before tackling day-to-day business challenges. Immerse yourself in a playful environment before getting down to business in a dedicated private area.

Make it hands on

Get the teams to use their hands and create a keepsake from the meeting. Our friends at Silky Shapes Pottery and Ceramics Studio will get your team to design ready made tea-cups , You can challenge your team to create something that is around the business task at hand before tackling the task together over morning tea

Make it talk-worthy

Nothing says FUN then taking your team on private tour of a radio station during the morning. Our friends at Southern Cross Austereo will open up the door and take you through the studios of 2DayFM and Triple M Sydney.

Keep your eye out for the breakfast hosts before venturing up to the world famous rooftop to hold your team meeting.

Make it meaningful

Doing something with meaning showcases to your staff that having a purpose in what you do is vital to the success of your business.

FUNLOCKA has a number of meaningful partners including our partners ‘Box for monkeys’ and there relationship with Vinnies

Help disadvantaged kids this Christmas by purchasing and packing them a school bag. Each bag includes a backpack, water bottle, pencil case filled with essentials, lunch box & books. Get a group together, enjoy morning tea (pastries and tea) and for a few hours, pack the bags while learning exactly who you will be helping and get the chance to add a card with a positive message to the recipient. Nothing says Christmas like the joy of giving!

Make it inspiring

Why don’t you bring in a guest speaker or add some FUN to the morning to lift the mood of the business. Subject to what you want to deliver FUNLOCKA can help you source the relevant speaker. Diversity, Inspiration, Leadership, Motivational etc

Let us save you time, energy and resource in 2019!

FUNLOCKA is your culture concierge App supporting all your business needs around employee rewards, team activities and client entertainment solutions. We have over 250+ experiences from 150+ suppliers ensuring that we are saving you time, energy and resource in creating memorable experience that create positive conversation.

Our FUNLOCKA team have experienced first-hand “working” at some of the above venues, so we know for a fact they would bring a smile to your team’s dial. These venues all offer a new and stimulating environment for your staff, and some also come with a huge FUN factor of games and rewards. And for the practical aspect, they do all come with the option for private meeting spaces.  

Luke Cook