FAN (employee & customer) engagement - 3 things to do for greater impact

We are entering a very interesting time in media & business when it comes to FAN (employee & customer) engagement. As businesses we think that FANS (and especially those under 30) are harder to reach, harder to please and are less loyal. Is this the fan’s fault or are we just not executing solutions in the best way?

Those in business that complain on those points are already losing in my opinion, especially if they are not focused on understanding the context of the individual FAN and what is important to them.

Businesses have a real opportunity to start reshaping their conversations with their FANS, but first they need to put in more effort into personalisation.

There are 3 things that I see as the major pain points;

1)     Push vs Pull

What’s the value exchange you are delivering? From an advertising stand point we are getting bombarded with messaging that is intrusive, not relevant, and, in most cases, fucking annoying.

No wonder as consumers we skip and tune out of advertising. In all honesty, I think some advertising (or where it is placed) is having a negative effect on the brand. Context is key in advertising- brands really need to ensure they understand where their advertising is placed and the content they are showing is relevant! Scatter gun delivery is just lazy marketing, especially in the digital world.

I was watching a video on a news platform the other day, it was around the tragedy of two children who died after a car went into their class room. I get served a pre-roll from Google home mini…. Seriously!!! Come on we can do better as marketers and we can do better as publishers!!!

From an employee standpoint, corporates lack the ability to truly engage their employees and in most cases, focus on directional management instead of inclusive solutions that involve the employees in the journey. People want to be part of something they believe and are involved in - it is no wonder that there is a -6 NPS score in the way that employees talk positively about their business to others!*

2)     One size fits all

 Personalisation is the holy grail to true engagement, but as businesses we are just not getting it right – even though we are trying.

Looking at employee engagement over the last couple of years, you can really see businesses trying to improve the life of employees. Things like fruit bowls, Yoga in the lunch room, meditation, fitness etc are brilliant but I think that it lacks one key human need! Personalisation!!! I don’t think Bob from accounts gives two hoots about Yoga in the lunch room.

From a customer perspective this is also very noticeable especially in the rewards & loyalty market. I am OVER how loyalty programs don’t really have the best interests of the consumer at heart. It is a data grab, and provides FALSE value….. Seriously, I earn these points to get what….a kettle!!! I don’t think so!! Besides travel, most rewards platforms miss the mark on engaging the consumers true emotions to things! What a missed opportunity for real loyalty!!!

In both instances I am not saying businesses aren’t trying. I just don’t think we are doing it well enough. In my opinion, we need to reshape the conversation from 9-5 engagement strategies to 24/7 solutions that are meaningful, and impact each individual social and personal motivations in life.

3)     Adapting to changing world around us

I wrote an article recently called innovate or be innolate! In this article I pointed out that businesses have a major moral responsibility to help future-proof themselves and their employees. The world is changing rapidly, new technologies are emerging, and jobs of the future are uncertain!

Imagine if companies allowed employees to use 20% of their time to innovate themselves through learning new skills, new technology and uncovering new passions. Imagine the positive impact it would generate in the work environment. An impact that would increase happiness, motivation and positive sentiment of the business to others.

Sure, some people may move jobs, but I think you would also have people lining out the door to come work for your organisation. Something to think about, perhaps.

I am personally worried by this and what the current workforce will be doing when technology eats away at the current jobs & industries. People already have their backs against the wall financially and businesses are not taking on enough responsibility here, we have heard the saying that as an employee you are just a ‘number’…. Is it any wonder that people are leaving the work force in droves to start something themselves.

So to wrap things up….. As business leaders we have an opportunity here to make a difference….. We are in an awesome time in history in which we can evolve the next frontier of communication, innovation and engagement. This is all blah, blah, blah unless we start to put some things in action and stop thinking just about profit.

I am bloody excited for the year ahead! The beta test of my business FUNLOCKA is coming in early 2018. The platform focuses on a new value exchange in how businesses can understand and better engage their most valuable assets, their employees and customers.

Reach out if you want to hear more on how FUNLOCKA can improve your employee & customer engagement.


* The State of employee engagement in Australia – 2016

Luke Cook