HO HO HOld the alcohol! How to move on from the Christmas hangover to the epic Christmas experience!

At FUNLOCKA we are seeing a massive trend across companies who are breaking away from the standard end of year, let your hair down and don’t worry about the bar tab XMAS party, to a focused approach on creating something that is a little more personalised, memorable and inclusive.

Why is this the case? Is it due to:

-         A generational shift whereby the next generation’s workforce is not motivated by the same factors as previous generations?

-         Companies being wary of the ramifications of alcohol fuelled XMAS celebrations?

-         Companies not investing due to smaller profit margins?

From our observations, it is all the above. As businesses we are always challenged to think of new ways to engage our staff and the old ‘let’s just put a tab behind the bar’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. So how can you do it in a FUN way where alcohol isn’t the defining factor of FUN….?

For our business FUNLOCKA, we have a checklist of what we aim to deliver our clients, both through our concierge experience App and via the briefs we receive through our FUNcierge service.

These points are:

-         Is it fresh? This is defined as something that the team hasn’t done before or didn’t know they could get access to

-         Is it personalised? What are the elements of the experience that bring the team together and makes it inclusive and interactive for all?

-         Is it memorable? Does it create positive water cooler chat in the workplace (not gossip) or BBQ chat with their friends?

-         Is it FUN? Does it put a smile on the most faces as soon as they know what they are experiencing?

The Challenge:

I know XMAS is just around the corner…. Many of you are hustling to get the year finished…. Some of you are still looking for ideas…. And even a small proportion of you haven’t even thought about your team XMAS party at all.

Here are just a few of the many ideas we have FUNLOCKA that we know will get your team going this XMAS! If one of the following ideas resonates or you’d like to discuss how our FUNcierge team can create other bespoke experiences for you, send us an email to funtimes@funlocka.com or reach out to me direct.

Luke (Cookie) Cook


TV Vet Dr Katrina and her team of highly trained Border Collies, The Wonderdogs, will bring something special to your Christmas celebrations. 

Experience the love and joy only animals can give.

See Australia’s smartest dogs demonstrate their amazing skills with a range of clever tricks. Their FUN Christmas themed antics and holiday costumes are guaranteed to make everyone - even the office Grinch - smile!

After the show, you and your entire team can pose for Christmas ‘family photos’ with these special animals. Now imagine having THAT as a lasting memory from your XMAS party.

*In addition to this 1 hour experience, we can also provide a photographer and a printer, as well as XMAS themed props, costumes, and more. 


Adventure, lunch, drinks and golf with a Bondi Rescue legend!

Join ‘Hoppo’, Bruce Hopkins, star of Bondi Rescue and creator of Chase The Adventure Tours for a 'locals' walk through the many historical and cultural areas of Bondi followed by a pub meal with drinks, where one of the other Lifeguards from the show will join in on the fun!

As an optional extra, you can also have the boys join you in playing a quick 9-holes of golf! Equipment can be hired or you can bring your own.

As always, we may have an extra little surprise up our FUNsleeves in store for this one!

*This experience is for over 18s only and available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays.


Learn how to plate up from one of the best in Sydney with Chef Nelly from nel. Restaurant in his Christmas Cooking Experience

Bring your team down to nel. Restaurant in Surry Hills, put the chef's whites on and learn what it takes to plate up the perfect dish. 

You will also be faced with a ’name the ingredient’ challenge with the winner taking home a special prize!

Suggested for 14 people or less, includes a 2-course lunch and wine.

Luke Cook