THE ART OF APPRECIATION: How to hold onto your employees.

You can never underestimate the art of appreciating someone- especially when they are giving their best for your business.

A Glassdoor poll showed that 80% of people would stay longer in a role if they were appreciated.

With engagement at an all-time low in this country, maybe this is the missing link! As bosses, do you actively show your appreciation? And do you do it in an authentic way?

We all know that replacing a good to great employee can be a massive cost to a business. They say it can cost you 6 to 9 months of that person’s salary once you go through the re-hiring & training of a new person. A little bit more effort and thought may be what you are missing.

But how often should you show appreciation?


A Gallop study shows that employees who get recognised every week are more likely to stay in a job longer. I know this sounds like a lot, but you don’t need to bring out the marching band when it comes to appreciation. It can be as simple as a personal note, a pat on the back, a note to others or recognising them with a meaningful reward.

Make a habit out of doing this and it will slowly form part of your culture. You will find that not only will you become a better manager, but those around you will follow suit!

At FUNLOCKA we believe that only way for someone to be a FAN of your business is to be a FAN of them by showing them you support their efforts.

Be Consistent, Be Personal and Be Authentic. 

Luke Cook

Luke Cook