5 key tips to change behaviours


It’s a buzz in business right now….. Focusing on workplace culture and getting your employees aligned with your values has the biggest impact on retention, profitability and building a collaborative environment. 

But it is not as easy as you think! 

When we  go out to visit companies,  we always ask “how do you currently recognize and reward specific behaviours around your values?” The response is many and varied. Some do it adhoc, once a month, some think they do it but they don’t have a focused  strategy in place that has buy in from the leaders in the business..

If your leaders don’t live and breathe the values, you have zero chance the employees will. 

A lot of companies have values but they are not worth the cost of the paint job to put them on the wall.  We spend so much time in creating values for our business, yet we don't spend anywhere near enough time implementing those values across teams or create behavioural shifts that help your team to understand, live and uphold those values through their roles.  Which ultimately leads to employee happiness, much more motivated and inspired employees within the workplace.

We love this quote from Simon Sinek “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” Getting your employees sharing, communicating, acknowledging and rewarding your values will ultimately lead to happy paying clients too! 

In my experience the behaviour has to come from the top down. Lead by example, practice what you preach are just a few clichés that come to mind.  Once the leadership team is aligned with implementing the value, you can then look to shift the behaviours in what you do around your values to your employees. 

Changing behaviours is difficult. Here are FUNLOCKA’ 5 tips to help make these changes within your workplace.   

    Are your values obvious and reflective of your organisation? Do your employees know what your company values are? How do you want your employees to interact, work together with your values? and what is the FEELING you want instilled within your workplace?

    Find ways to trigger excitement around your values by introducing ways to highlight them in meetings, team outings or quirky ways to engage.
    The more attractive they are the more your employees will resonate with them. 

    Too often businesses go out there with a once only activity that comes and goes and forgotten about only a few months later …. The key is to focus on the long term by bringing it back to the here and now, every single month and every single day. We find implementing a Peer to Peer recognition solution is a great way to make it regular.

    People don't like things to be complicated. Implement a plan and process with attractive, regular and relatable, easy tools, for the employees to engage. This will have them living and sharing the values of the business each and every day.

    Satisfied is something that every human wants to feel. Acknowledged and satisfied. A reward intrinsically links that person to your business and makes them feel valued, makes them feel satisfied to be working for a company like yours. People want personal acknowledgement, they want to know if you know them, who they are and what makes them tick.  Understand the human being. Understand what makes them tick. Through your company values, create behaviours and introduce programs and platforms that will align with the employee’s values. This will support you to achieve employee happiness and that is the ultimate outcome.


If you are struggling to motivate, engage or retain your staff, then you may want to look at how you are aligning your values to your day to day operations of the business. Implementing a positive behaviour change is difficult, but it becomes a lot easier with businesses like FUNLOCKA that can help make your values OBVIOUS, ATTRACTIVE, REGULAR, EASY and SATISFYING for you and the people that matter most, your employees. 

Luke Cook