How it Works

Bringing our black book of experiences directly to you



Our app has been designed to bring you our experiences in a fun, easy-to-navigate way, combining custom data based on your input, and allowing you to choose and confirm experiences that are right for you.



Custom homepage with experiences recommended for you, latest additions, and your account and FUNtimes details


Find out what’s included in each experience with detailed explanations, such as who is hosting it, where it is, or what it costs


Choose what you love and dictate what the app finds for you, with the ability to change preferences whenever it suits you


Detailed search function allows you to explore experiences based on your specific needs


Be presented with new experiences and choose whether they are of interest to you or not- further developing your own customised app experience


Finalise and secure your experiences through our secure payment gateway. Experiences can be bought with cash* or FUNtimes credit

*cash option only available for Premium membership