Dedicated experts who believe in the power of FUN.


Luke Cook


Nickname: Cookie

What I do: Chief FUN Officer is a title I dont take lightly! I am in charge of making life FUNfilled for our experiences makers, corporate partners and our own FUN Crew.

My passions: Rugby League, Food & Wine, Golf and Business

My favourite FUNLOCKA experience: Inner Sanctum Experience with the Parramatta Eels

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Jill Covitz


Nickname: Jilly

What I do: I am the gate keeper of Experiences! #bestjobever

My passions: Travel, good food & wine and experiencing new things- whether it be events, restaurants, bars, venues, etc... (and I’m not just saying that cause we’re FUNLOCKA! It’s the truth!)

My favourite FUNLOCKA experience: It's too hard to choose - there are SO many! And it would be like trying to pick a favourite child. I’d do them all if I could.

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Stuart Gatenby


Nickname: Gats

What I do: Veteran geek

My passions: Anything to do with the ocean, film, bbq'ing and of course anything to do with technology

My favourite FUNLOCKA experience: Beer & BBQ Masterclass

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Felicity Cook


Nickname: ‘The Better Cookie’

What I do: I add that extra sparkle to all things social, email, and design

My passions: Being a mama, creative design, and trying new things

My favourite FUNLOCKA experience: Things that are a bit out of the norm, like the escape room, or a trapeze class!

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