a solution for everyone

FUNLOCKA supports multiple business functions including HR, Sales, Marketing, Customer Services and Executive Assistants.

With the ability to on-board your entire community or just join as a single user, FUNLOCKA is an exciting way to engage your employees and customers.


Employee & customer solutions

The only platform that personalises the rewards based off the real-time interests of your employees and customers.

Employee Reward, Recognition & Gifting

Customer Loyalty, Promotions & Gifting

Sales Incentive Programs

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Solutions for individuals

FUNLOCKA offers complete access to our entire catalogue of experiences to those that want/need to be in the know in their business. Our premium membership is perfect for:

✓ Executive & Personal Assistants
✓ Sales Leaders
✓ People & Culture / HR team members
✓ Concierge
✓ Community Managers
✓ SME’s
✓ Marketing Executives
✓ Team Managers

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FUNcierge is our complete bespoke solution for you and your business. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can help you discover and experience- simply get in contact and let our FUN Crew do the rest!

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