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Luke and the team from FUNLOCKA created an unforgettable experience for our Visit California Tourism delegation at SCA Studios. The one-on-one bonding and networking truly bought California to life during a song writing challenge within the recording studios.

We were thrilled with the end-to-end execution from FUNLOCKA; their flexibility and creativity made them a pleasure to work with and not only would we not hesitate to recommend them; we are itching to work with Luke and the team again.

If you’re looking for something completely out of the box and an experience your guests will talk about for years to come – FUNLOCKA is the way to go.
— Lisa Dunn, Events Director Gate 7
There is no doubt our society is increasingly expecting more personalised experiences.

FUNLOCKA set a new benchmark for personalising corporate experiences. Team MoneyMe were blown away by the experience Cookie unveiled.

Great for culture, great for business!
— Clayton Howes CEO - MoneyMe
The team at FUNLOCKA have been a wonderful support in helping to activate the communities across Charter Hall key buildings, including No.1 Martin Place in Sydney and 570 Bourke Street in Melbourne.

Their positive energy, access to unique experiences and capacity to help bring it all to life has helped take the stress out of events, making it more fun and interesting for everyone involved.
— Eloise King - Customer Experience Manager – Charter Hall
Since becoming an experience provider in the FUNLOCKA platform we have seen a load of benefit for our business. The team at FUNLOCKA have opened the door to some incredible business opportunities for nel. Restaurant and the team themselves are awesome to deal with!

For a platform that is free to use and connects you with corporate Australia, there is no downside in getting your experiences loaded.
— Nelly from nel. Restaurant
Working with FUNLOCKA has created a new revenue stream for our business, tapping into clients that don’t spend on traditional advertising.

Since executing a FUN song writing workshop last year for one of FUNLOCKA’s clients, we have started looking at the valuable owned assets we have and how we could potentially package them up as experiences for companies to purchase!
— Jacqui Hoban - National Events Director - Southern Cross Austereo

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Song-writing challenge for Gate 7 & California Tourism

Song-writing challenge for Gate 7 & California Tourism